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I'm not worth writing about. But the thoughts in my head may be.


I have written for my own fulfillment for a number of years but only this year did I dare try to publish a story. Thanks to my supportive "writing sisters," I dared, and now my story, The Blighted Legacy of Nicanor Lavan, is published in The Undead Nation Anthology. This book can be found at Check it out by going to and doing a search, or by following this link.
Proceeds from the book benefit breast cancer awareness.
I am very proud of my story being included in this wonderful collection of stories and have decided to continue pursuing life as a published writer. I have joined the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) contest and am working on a full length Weird Fiction novel.
Most of the people I have met through my creative pursuits have been wonderful. I am a very sensitive person and I have sadly met some fellow creative spirits who are bitter, angry people. I try not to let them get me down.
I have numerous health challenges both physical and mental. I try not to let them get me down either.
As a very large person, I also encounter a great deal of prejudice. We all need to be kinder to one another. Many of our fellow travelers are fighting a very tough battle.
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